First shots of Budapest

(Click on any of the pictures to see a larger version.)
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They shut down Andrassy Ter for a big ol' Parade.
The Budapest Parade. It's a mobile rave. 20 or 30 semis loaded with dee jays, dancers, and gigantic speakers driving through the town.
Even Fanta had a truck in the parade. That's a soda that knows how to party.
These folks had a foam cannon.
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We also went to Hero's square.
We went to Dunauivaros to visit Betsy, Audrey, and Karen. It was hot on the train, so some folks stuck their heads out the window.
In Duna' We also saw a stunt show. It was low a budget operation.
The stunt show also had monster trucks. I felt like a Hungarian redneck.
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Several weeks later we were in Szeged, and the show was coming there too!
I saw a cloud that looked like it was being dragged across the sky.
You can get a lot of teachers into a phone booth.
Dave and I found a big bag of coins and had a few minutes to fidget.
This is the view from our temporary apartment.
Or, you could see a bigger version of ths picture?
This is what Budapest looks like at night. Dubbed "The Best View in Town" by John Hutton.
If you take the 21 bus all the way to the east end of the line then hike up the hill, this is the view you get. Nice huh?
Also check it a bigger version of the picture or see it in QuickTime VR
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We passed this cool tower the other day. I know nothing about it.
Steph's bag was heavy, so Christy and Kara "helped".
Christy and Steph ran in a 10K race. They are fast.
Something happened to their registration forms though, so they were problems.
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Dawn and Vanessa have very beautiful furniture in their flat.
Danielle and Steve taught John and Debbie a traditional Hungarian dance. It involves spinning. It is fun.
Paul found his pub.